Thank you for considering Pet-Portrait! If you choose to order you will be with many world wide customers who have loved their portrait. We are a bespoke company based in Bedfordshire that commissions portraits for all animals including dogs, cats, horses & any others. We pride ourselves on our meticulous nature; it allows us to give each and every customer the greatest care and attention, ensuring you’re happy throughout and after your purchase.

If you are looking to own or give a pet portrait, then you are in the right place – what better way to celebrate love and loyalty than with a portrait of your pet? Pet portraits are both sentimental and timeless, two of the greatest features any item can ever have.

Each portrait offers exceptional quality, hand made and designed by our own qualified team at an unrivalled price. Additionally, each portrait is executed with the utmost care and consideration and the order process is very easy. The end results will astound you!

The best part about us is we do not skimp on any costs, you will be receiving a beautiful portrait that will have pride of place in any room. The entire process from purchase to delivery will only take around a 2-3 weeks! 

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